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Next-gen facial expression editing for professional visual artists.

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Next-gen on-model visualization for digitized fashion brands.

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Fields of research

Generative deep learning

Recent progress in deep generative models is leading to tremendous breakthroughs in synthetic image generation.

Computational photography

The latest advances in computer vision help tackle the problems of visual appearance and recognition, even in challenging conditions.

Reinforcement learning

In reinforcement learning, an AI agent employs trial and error to autonomously come up with solutions to problems.






Antoine's portrait


Research Engineer


Research Engineer

Advisory board

Frédéric Rose

Former CEO at Technicolor

Edmond Boyer

Researcher at INRIA

Dmitriy Smirnov

Researcher at MIT

David Picard

Researcher at Ponts

And a special thank you to Dr Jean-Pierre Briot (research director at CNRS) for his early support 🙏

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