At Yokai, we are dedicated to developing and deploying ethical artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, recognizing that they will be a crucial challenge in the coming century.

As a leading startup in this field, we are committed to building our product thoughtfully and responsibly, guided by our core principles.


First and foremost, we prioritize transparency in all our relationships, including with our team, talent, customers, and businesses.

It is essential to be transparent when working with an emerging technology that everyone may not fully understand.

We also take our responsibility seriously to ensure that users fully understand how their likeness is captured and used, how they will be protected, and how they can benefit from the process.


To this end, we have a principle of disclosure that requires every image generated by Yokai to contain a watermark indicating that it was produced using computers rather than a camera.

This lets users know exactly what content they are viewing and make informed decisions about its use. Disclosing AI helps build trust with our customers, ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and addresses any ethical concerns they may have.


In addition to transparency, we are committed to authorized use, meaning that the person featured in any image needs to have provided permission for their likeness to be used. This sets us apart from other technologies, which often do not have the consent of the person depicted.

When users create generators on our platform, they agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, granting Yokai permission to generate synthetic images using our technology and outline the acceptable bounds of use.


We prioritize being human-first, recognizing AI and related technologies cannot be developed without ethics.

At Yokai, we believe in promoting the role of human beings in an increasingly synthetic world and are invested in safeguarding the future of human relationships.

This is reflected in our policies and technology. We are aware of our responsibility to ensure our product is used ethically and responsibly.


In conclusion, at Yokai, we are committed to developing and deploying ethical AI technologies that enhance transparency, prioritize authorized use, and put humans first.

We invite you to join us in exploring the exciting possibilities of AI-generated content, confident that we are doing so in a responsible and trustworthy manner.