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Impossible fashion V1

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Out-of-this-world chic.

In the world of fashion and luxury, nothing screams exclusive more than out-of-this-world designs and impracticability.

On the runways from Paris to New York, we've seen it all: full-bodied metallic armor that echos into the space age, Transformer-like shoulder pads, optical-illusion bodysuits, and hats that remind us of cages (just to name a few.)

One very recent example is Doja Cat, who showed up to Paris fashion week covered entirely in thousands of red crystals from head to toe.

The beauty of impossible fashion is that it blurs the lines between luxury and art. And while it may not be practical for everyday life, we dream of expressing ourselves through these incredible pieces, if only through an aesthetic as chic as this one!

With this reality, receive 5 HD images.